What to Look for in a Bassinet

Bassinets are mostly recommended to parents for housing their newly born baby. Bassinets are more preferred to cribs at this stage because it’s easy to move around and it doesn’t occupy space. In fact, babies seem to cherish this because they believe that whenever they squall there’s someone close to paying attention.

And you know that babies don’t joke with their food, not even at night. This helps parents, on the other way round, to prevent running helter-skelter when they can easily reach out to their baby.

However, in spite of this great features that bassinet has, yet it can be dangerous and unsafe for your child if the wrong product is purchased. “Wrong product?” yes! You heard that right.

There are several manufacturers out there with great products but lack some features. If you check that these “dints” are missing, please don’t buy. Their absence can pose danger to buyers because in one way or the other disrupt the health of your child.

So, in order to prevent this, here are the eight non-negotiable features to look out for when you’re choosing a bassinet.

8 Things to Consider about What to Look for in a Bassinet:

1. Recommendation

The United States ministry of health is trying its best to ensure that its citizens are safe. And this has compelled it to enact Federal Bassinet Safety Standard into effect in 2014.

So, that it will help the States’ citizens to choose tested and trusted products in the market. But only if the production of the product is after the year 2014. Furthermore, you can also look for JPMA or ASTM.

This shows that the manufacturer is a participant of the national safety bodies. In a nutshell, don’t dare to buy a product that is not recognized by the US government. A group of experts is organized to ensure that the infant death rate caused by SIDS is reduced.

2. The description of Dimension & Weight

It’s essential to know the dimension of the bassinet that you’re about to buy. Of course, one of the benefits of using bassinet is that it can be used in small apartments. But you’ve to check the amount of the baby weight it can accommodate.

This will help you to always keep an eye on your baby’s weight. Also, check the dimension of the product you’re gunning for, this will help you to know better if it’s good for your room or baby.

Please note that, if you find stickers or slats that are plastered on the sides of the bassinets, try to see if your whole fingers can penetrate. If it eventually does, then you must make sure that they are alleviated.

3. Snugness of the Frame & Mattress

  • You must ensure that the mattress snugly fit the frame unreservedly.
  • Ensure that the mattress you’re using is waterproof.
  • Check out if the surface is smooth and the fabric used is tightly closed, no rumple whatsoever!
  • Do not cover the mattress with a blanket or swaddle for your child.
  • Make sure that the mattress that comes with the product is soft, not plush.
  • Provided you have a mattress you planned using, ensure that it hasn’t been in use for 5 years.
  • Also, make sure that the mattress in clean. Of course, you can use a frill mattress for your baby.

4. Availability of Lullaby

There are some iterations that have been included in the construction of bassinets. And some of them are the inclusion of illumination and lullaby. These are powered by batteries.

The lullaby, on the other hand, is a music player that initiate its operation whenever the button is pressed. The significance of these features is that they can easily distract the attention of babies.

So, if these are among the features of bassinet that you’re about to buy, ensure that the connection of the wires is safe. In other words, find out if none of the wires is found outside of not protected.

5. Lock Casters

Bassinets can be of two types. The first are those with wheels and the second are those without wheels. However, as a customer the major feature to look out for is the “lock”. Of course, they both have four legs.

But provided you’re opting for a bassinet that has wheels then it’s advisable to opt for those that have locks, especially at the front wheels. This will help to restrict the flowery movement of the bassinet.

Furthermore, if you’re considering to purchase the other type of the bassinet, choose those with lock casters. The lock casters help bassinet to sturdily stand in a position, no matter the activity that’s performed by the baby in the spaces.

6. Convenience Futuristic

  • Choose the product that’s made with a lightweight metal.
  • Choose the product that is foldable and easy to assemble.
  • Opt for the product that you can easily clean.
  • Know if the product you’re buying can perfectly suit where you intend using it. In other words, if you plan to use it in the rooms, office, events, and crèche then it should be super attractive.
  • Choose the product that has an instruction booklet packed with its delivery.
  • Purchase a product that gives room for ventilation and it’s easy to cover and uncovered. This will ensure that the child is not suffocating while rolling from one position to another in the bassinet.

7. Customers’ Review

Look for products that have good reviews online and offline. Have you checked reviews online and you got to see that some have positive and negative reviews, and you became confused? If yes, then here are the pieces of information that you need to properly read reviews:

  • Find out what each customer like or hate about the product.
  • Never count on reviews that lay their bases on the delivery.
  • Try to find out the common complaints made by relevant customers (customers that had the challenge you want to resolve).
  • Read also customers’ answers to questions asked about the product.
  • See if you can deal with the major con(s) of the product.
  • Check if the product is best for you to use by reading its features.
  • Make your verdict.

8. Rocky or Rigid

  • Don’t purchase a bassinet that’s swingy or rocky, why? Because the child hasn’t learned the stamina to roll.
  • Check out the interior and the outward part and remove jagged protrusions or sharp materials.
  • Check if the screws are perfectly fixed.
  • Read all that you can lay your hands on that comes with the product. This will help you to have a raw knowledge about how the bassinet is made.

Final Verdict

These are what to look for in a bassinet when you’re buying it and during delivery.  The list of criteria that are provided is the primary prerequisite that buyers should look out for before buying a product.

Provided some errors are made and you see that they are rectifiable then contact the manufacturer if you can and how you should go about it, why? Because tampering with the whole product without the manufacturer consent can annul your privileges as a buyer.