How to Make a Bassinet Softer

The mattress is the most important component of a bassinet. If the mattress is not comfortable enough for your baby, every other feature is almost useless. If your baby can’t sleep in his bassinet, the purpose of buying it is defeated.

We understand that there are several brands of bassinets in the market. Some of them come with their mattresses, while others do not come with a mattress. Either way, you’ll need a soft and comfortable mattress for your baby to enjoy his bassinet.

Unfortunately, not all mattresses are soft and comfortable.  So, if the mattress that comes with your bassinet isn’t soft enough for your baby, he’ll find it difficult to sleep on it. You need to know how to make a bassinet softer.

Choosing a Mattress for Your Baby

As mentioned earlier, if the mattress of your bassinet is not soft enough for your baby, you’ll need to change it. That’s why it is necessary for you to be able to choose an appropriate mattress. Here are important tips.

1. Check the softness level of the mattress

A baby’s mattress has to be soft but not too soft.  Before buying it, press and feel it with your hand. How soft is it? Press it with your hand.

Check if it makes an impression. If it doesn’t make any impression, it’s probably too hard for your baby.  Choose another mattress.

2. Measure the thickness

A baby’s mattress should be about 1-3 inches thick. Any mattress that is thicker than 3 inches is not appropriate for your baby. Even if your bassinet comes with a mattress that is more than 3 inches thick, you need to change it.

3. It has to be firm too

Another quality to check is the firmness of the mattress. If it is not firm, it has higher chances of sagging in the middle, and when it begins to sag, it will no longer be comfortable for your little one. If you want to check the firmness of a mattress, apply pressure on a particular area on the mattress until it creates an impression.

Wait and see how fast the mattress will regain its original shape and eliminate the impression. If it does in less than 2 minutes, the mattress is firm enough for babies.

If it takes the mattress longer than 2 minutes to regain its shape, or it never does, you need to search for another mattress. The mattress is not firm enough.

4. The size of the mattress matters

The mattress has to fit snugly to the inner walls of the bassinet without leaving any space at all. When there are spaces between the mattress and the walls of the bassinet, babies could get trapped in between the spaces. So, pick a mattress that fits snugly.

How Breathable is the Mattress?

We all perspire when we sleep. This is applicable to babies too. That is why you need to get a breathable mattress for your little one.  In case you don’t understand, a breathable mattress is the one that allows air to pass through it.

If the mattress is not breathable, moisture from your baby’s perspiration will be trapped in the mattress and bedding. This will reduce the durability of the mattress, and it will also make your baby uncomfortable. You should always pick a breathable mattress.

Any mattress that has all the qualities discussed above should be soft and comfortable enough for your baby.  Nevertheless, here are some additional tips for using a bassinet for your baby. They are all important.

Tips to Apply When Using a Bassinet for Your Baby

1. Never use an air mattress for your baby

An air mattress is great, but it is not advisable for you to buy one for your baby. It can suffocate babies. This is because they can roll into a position that makes it impossible for them to breathe. An air mattress is impermeable, and it is not breathable. So, never place your baby on one.

2. Test it within its return window

Some mattresses are not comfortable for a reason you may not know. Such mattresses may look good and have the requirements listed above, but may still not be comfortable.  It happens often.

So, we will advise you to buy your mattress after the birth of your baby, so that you can put the baby in it within its return window. If your little one finds it difficult to sleep on it, you can return it before the return window expires.

3. Always place your baby on his/her back

You should always place your baby on his back to sleep. Having him sleep face down is not safe. This position promotes reflux, and it also increases the chances of suffocation.

4. Keep objects away from his bed

Ensure that his bed is devoid of all objects. Even his toys should be removed from his bed. Let him have his crib all to himself.

He could roll over any of the objects, and this may put him in an awkward position. Secondly, being alone in his cot will give him all the space he needs.

5. Share the same room with your baby

It is necessary to put your baby’s bassinet in your room. In fact, it should be beside your bed. This will enable you to have quick access to him. You’ll also have a direct view of him all the time. This is why bassinets with mesh walls are preferable.

6. Don’t smoke around your baby

You should never smoke in the same room you share with your baby. If you have to smoke, you can go out and smoke. After that, you can wash up before coming back to your baby.

Final Verdict

The most important tip on how to make a bassinet softer is to change the mattress to a softer and more comfortable one. Since the mattress is the most important part of a bassinet, you should be able to pick a comfortable mattress for your baby.

Some nice bassinets come with not-so-great mattresses. So, you can always replace the mattress that came with your bassinet if it is not comfortable for him.