How to Elevate a Bassinet

In this article, we have given necessary tips on how to elevate a bassinet. In addition, we also made it clear that it is normally not recommended, but a certain medical condition necessitates it.

To make this article educative, we also talked about reflux, the medical condition that makes parents elevate their baby’s bassinet.

In addition, we discussed the normal causes of reflux and how to reduce it. Most importantly, if you know how to prevent or reduce reflux in your baby, you may not need to elevate his bed. So, let’s stop cutting to the chase and dive into the issue right away.

Why Do You Need To Elevate Your Baby’s Bassinet?

We must let you know that you should normally not elevate your baby’s bassinet. What necessitates it is the medical condition called reflux. It is a condition in which your baby brings back and spit out some of the milk he took earlier.

It is normal for every baby to go through the phase. Reflux occurs more at bedtime, so medical experts recommend that you can elevate your baby’s bassinet raising the head-side higher than the feet-side. This will reduce the intensity of reflux in your baby.

Is Reflux A Serious Medical Condition?

Ordinarily, reflux is not a serious medical condition as it is a normal phenomenon among babies. However, you need to take it seriously if it involves any of the following:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Serious cough
  • Blood in stool
  • Inability to eat
  • Baby spits either green or yellow fluid.
  • Constant loss of weight
  • Baby spits blood

When you notice any of this, you must take your baby to see a doctor fast.

Why reflux can’t be avoided in babies completely

All babies encounter reflux because the conditions that cause it cannot be avoided completely. First of all, babies spit out part of what they consumed because they lie flat most of the time.

They can’t sit up on their own. Whether they are awake or asleep, they are always on their back. Their food is liquid. Infant can’t and don’t take solid food. Whether it’s baby formula or breast milk, it is in liquid form.

That’s another reason why they spit out some of what they took. The third factor that promotes reflux is premature birth. Babies born prematurely are more prone to reflux.

How to Reduce Reflux?

This will take us to the main issue of this article. There are several ways to reduce reflux in your baby. The most effective way to minimize reflux in your baby is to elevate his bassinet.

However, there are other ways to reduce reflux too. We will talk about the other ways before discussing about elevating your baby’s bassinet.

1. Ensure your baby burps after each meal

Too much air a baby’s stomach can increase reflux. So, to reduce the air, try and make him burp after every meal. When he burps, he’ll release some air from his mouth.

2. Put him on his back more

When your baby lies facing down, he’ll be more prone to reflux. So, it is better to let him lie on his back more often.

3. Feed him in an upright position

Try and feed him in an upright position. Even after feeding him, leave him in that position for about 30 minutes after feeding. This will let his food settle down well, and the chances of spit it out will be minimal.

4. Elevate his bed

As mentioned earlier, this is the most effective way to reduce reflux in your baby. You need to elevate his bed with the head-side slightly higher than the feet-side.

How to Elevate a Bassinet?

Your target is to incline your baby’s bassinet by 30 degrees. To do that, you need to put a ruler in his bassinet, near his head. Then, measure 6 inches above his head. The 6-inch point is where you’ll raise the head to.

Once you raise the head part of his mattress by 6 inches, the whole mattress would have been inclined at 30 degrees. Now, raising the mattress is one thing; finding a good material to wedge the mattress is another.

You need to put something under the mattress near the head of the baby to raise it by 6 inches. Some people suggest that you roll up a towel until it has a diameter of 6 inches. Then you can put the mattress on it.

On the other hand, you can buy a wedge manufactured specifically for elevating a bassinet. There are different brands of wedges. They are sold on Amazon.

You can choose one of them. Buy it and put it under your baby’s mattress, inside his bassinet. Remember that it is normally not advised to elevate or incline your baby’s bassinet. By the time your baby clocks 18 months, reflux will be history.

Also, don’t raise the mattress too high. If you do, the mattress could begin to sag in the middle. And your baby may also roll around on it. Most importantly, you need to consult your doctor before you elevate your baby’s bed. He’ll also let you know when you should remove the elevation.

Final Verdict

If you have been following us from the beginning, you would have learned how to elevate a bassinet, and you should also have learned several other things too.

So, as a conclusive summary, here are the takeaways of the article. The only reason to elevate or incline your baby’s bassinet is to reduce reflux or flu.

Reflux is a normal condition that every baby must go through. It will stop when the baby is approaching 18 months. Some of the factors that make reflux inevitable for babies are:

  • Lying flat all the time
  • Their liquid diet
  • Being born prematurely

Most importantly, when elevating your baby’s bassinet, it should not be higher than 6 inches. Otherwise, the mattress may sag in the middle, and your little one could begin to roll on the mattress.