The first challenge that new buyers often have is how to clean a bassinet, right? Of course, yes! But many frequently make the mistake by applying the knowledge they had acquired when they were using a crib for maintaining their bassinets.

However, the plain truth is that crib is quite different from bassinets. Bassinets are more fragile and cheaper than cribs. In fact, that’s where users should watch out. In other words, because it’s fragile it should be handled with an extra care.

The bassinet is baby’s property that they tend to use time-to-time. And because they almost can’t do without them at their early stages then it has to been taken care of. This is to prevent infections that can be caused by germs and unclean environment.

Germs can be so dangerous to health especially to children. And that’s the main reason every nook and cranny around the house should be sanitized and cleaned.

Recently, bassinet product manufacturers have ensured that the major parts in their product are detachable. This is to ensure that the bassinet is properly maintained as to keep the child safe from infections.

However, it’ mandatory for users to know that the instruction book that comes with the product often contains the needed information to know which part of the bassinet is washable and the acceptable way to wash it.

In other words, the information we’re providing on this platform is not to be compared with the instructions given in the booklet.

Furthermore, let’s consider the 8 easiest way to clean bassinets.

8 Things to Consider About How to Clean a Bassinet?

1. Read the Instruction Labels/Booklets

The instruction booklet and the label tags consist of vital information about how an individual can discreetly use the bassinet. It’s from the description you’ll be informed the best means to clean the bassinet.

In fact, most manufacturers give the list of the part of the bassinet that needs to be detached and those that don’t before they can be washed. However, we enjoin you to buy a product that will be so comfortable for you to maintain.

Because this will enhance your enthusiasm for consistently cleaning and maintaining it. And it’s on the booklet you’ll get to know other necessary information that you need to take a good care of your baby.

2. Preparation

  • Before you can begin to clean it, here is the list of materials to make available: warm water/steam washer, towel, lint brush, spray bottle, and sponge.
  • Dissemble the mattress and detachable pads that are in the bassinet.
  • Check out if the description on the instruction booklet supports the kind of detergent that you’re about using.
  • Make sure that the bassinet is in the bathroom or a secluded place that won’t fault water spillage.
  • Determine which position, folded or erected, is most convenient for you and position it that way.

3. Filling, Spraying, and Wiping

  • The next step to take is to fill the spray bottle with warm water.
  • Make sure that the bottle is not completely filled with water. And when you’re done, do not forget to seal it up.
  • Before you seal it up, add detergent of minute quantity then shake it vigorously until it becomes foamy.
  • Spray the foamy liquid on the glassy surfaces and frame then use the lint brush or cloth to wipe it off.
  • Make sure that you’re not applying many forces while cleaning it so that it won’t mar the brittle metal that’s used in its construction.
  • Ensure that you spray it first, then use one hand to grip any of the edges and wipe the fluid with the towel.

4. Repetition

It’s expected to perform this action twice at least. Before moving on to another spot. It’s medically taught that all bassinet should be cleaned at least thrice every month.

And when cleaning, the wiping should be done twice on a particular spot. This is to ensure that the whole bassinet is sanitized and well cleaned.

5. Washing Machine

Of course, it’s not all bassinet that is made of plastic and glass. Some are made of frames covered with curtains or light fabrics. This too is washable, but if the instruction doesn’t permit the use of machines please do not dare.

But provided the instruction permits, please go ahead. Make sure that the water outlet is locked. Fill the basin/washing space with water and clothes (curtains), then add detergents.

Make sure that the alkaline level of the detergent is within the range of 8 to 10. This will help in the maintenance of the curtain’s properties.

Now, once that’s is done begin to spin the cloth by using the mechanical power of the machine. But ensure that it’s not too speedy but moderate. Then time it for about 3-5 minutes (you can wash it once).

6. Rinse

  • Once the timing elapses, you can pack them out: the detachable curtains, pads, and mattress.
  • Fill an empty large container with clean water and soak the removed clothes inside.
  • Scrum them one after the other and squeeze them until a notable quantity of water is removed.
  • Make sure that you haul them in a separated clean container.
  • Now that you’re done with rinsing them, pick them one after the other and spray it.
  • You might even decide to use the dryer in your washing machine. All you’ve to do is insert it in the drying space then cover it. Then set the timing.
  • When the timing is over, you can bring it out and sun-dry it.

7. Sun Dry

Washing of clothes can be awesome but it’s not complete if it’s not dried and pressed. Drying it and pressing them make them look good and totally free of bacteria.

In other words, it’s better to press children wears as to keep them from pneumonia and cold-related infections. Perhaps, you’ve been finding difficulty in pressing light clothes.

Perhaps you find them burning each time you make an attempt. You can stop to use a pressing machine with an iron plate but rather aluminum plate. It won’t burn your cloth trust me.

8. Re-arrangement

Now that you’re done with the cleaning of the bassinet. It’s time to re-arrange them by repositioning the cradle and re positioning the detached components.

Now that all these are done, you can now lay your baby inside the cradle once again. And guess what? Now, it’s safer than before.

Final Verdict

This is how to clean a bassinet as an expert. The good thing about it is that you’ve got the information which is fundamental, you can leverage on it to secure a job, you know? With this, you can take care of your newborn child as if you had had one before.

In fact, the information does not help you to be a good nanny or nursing mother but it makes you a better parent to your world. We hope that our amiable readers have got all they needed bountifully in becoming a better person at what they do. Of course, the information is highly reliable at any point in time.