Graco Dream Suite BassinetOne of the primes of life is the availability of shelter. In other words, everyone desires a good place to rest. Same goes for babies also, they want safe places to lay their back on. A place filled with breathable air, and nice bedding.

Of course, Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Review brings to you a product that can supply these needs and can easily be used by parents and their babies flawlessly.

This review looks forward to providing both the cons and the pros of this product. This is to ensure that our amiable readers have a pleasant purchase.

This is a bassinet with a changer table side inclusive. That means, you can use the bassinet to lay your baby for convenient rest and you can equally convert to the changer table for changing your baby’s diaper and clothes. It has a soothing vibration system that operates with a battery.

Trust me, it’s so attractive and lightweight that admirers would credit your sense of choice. Of course, the sleeping space is so constructed that the mattress is neither totally flat nor incline. This implies that parents can easily wheel the baby around even while it’s awake.

The ultimate implication of this is that it sufficiently helps the baby’s vertebrae to become functional speedily. However, you can level it up by adding clothes to it.

Also, there is some additional storage space at the nadir where lightweight baby items can be kept. And the cleaning is just so easy with just by wiping only.

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Review: 5 Major Features

1. 2-in-1 Design

Graco Dream

This Graco Dream Suit product can be used as a bassinet and a changer. In other words, it’s consist of two uses. The truth is that the assembling of this product can be so technical.

In fact, the instruction booklets can’t be understood except if one had done it before. But the switching over from bassinet to changer table side is easy.

All one has to do is squeeze the lever with one hand and push the button with the thumb on the other hand simultaneously. Furthermore, it has a dimension of 42″ H X 23.50″ W X 35″L with the canopy at the peak.

The dimension of the changer side is 35″(H) X 23.50(W) X 35”(D) and weighs 18.52pounds. The height of the bassinet from the ground to the rim is 29.8”. The box, on the other hand, has a dimension of 22 x 36.9 inches (that’s before the assembling).

2. Storage

This product has a storage space underneath it. This space region is flat and large, but it’s fringe. That is, it flimsily removes when heavy materials are laid on it.

However, you can store a lightweight baby item within it such as diaper, draper, a wiper and baby cosmetics. Of course, you can arrange basic necessities in each phase of the demarcated storage space.

The storage space is made of fabric so you can always keep it clean. Also, it’s necessary to know that you don’t have to remove the storage space whenever you’re converting the item from bassinet to changer table. It’s just so easy to use.

3. Maintenance

The mason style design that this product is decorated with is complemented with 2-speed vibration units. Of course, the vibration unit is powered by a 1’D battery.

The fact is that the battery doesn’t last for more than 50 hours and before it can be fixed, you’d need a Philip screwdriver to drive the screw which can be a hassle for nursing mother. But the exquisite part is that the use of the vibration unit is optional.

In other words, you can choose to use it and not to. Furthermore, this product is so easy to store as its irremovable canopy can be adjusted and you can clean it by using warm water, damp cloth and sprayer to wipe away stains from the fabric.

4. Mattress

Suite Bassinet

The mattress of this product has a dimension of 27” x 18” and the thickness of the mattress is ¼”. The mattress is made of foam filled with cotton.

Though it has no waterproof liner. However, it comes with a removable mattress cover which is washable by machine.

Furthermore, the mattress is seamed with the product so that it won’t be removed when converting it from bassinet to changer table or vice versa.

And this causes the imbalances in the flat positioning of the mattress (you tend to see the mattress in steep shape).

But this won’t impede the free flow of air from penetrating through the mesh vent at the ambiance of the sleeping item. Moreover, it’s advised to get a mattress cover with a waterproof liner to use so as to control messes.

5. Wheels

Do you need a bassinet that you can wheel around with ease? If yes! Then this is absolutely for you. It has four wheels that can be used flawlessly on concrete, wooden and tiled floors.

The wheels have locking systems in them which makes them easy to maneuver. The wheel is one feature that you can be sure that you will enjoy for a long time as they don’t get detached.

Why Should You Use Graco Dream Suite Bassinet?

Graco Suite Bassinet

1. 2-Speed Vibration

It’s not all babies that like vibrating bassinet. And that’s why you would need a bassinet such as this with optional and controllable vibration.

With this, you can get to know at which speed your baby is thrilled. This will help you to spend quality time playing with your baby.

2. Compact

This bassinet is so compact that it can be used in any kind of apartment. The component of this product stays in place for a long period of time.

3. Convenient Uses

Looking for a product that you can wheel from one part of the room to another with ease then this what you’ve been talking about. It has lock system at its wheel that makes maneuvering very easy.

4. Ample Space

The spaces, both the sleeping space and the storage space, are wide and deep enough to satisfy users. Although it’s not advisable to fill the sleeping space with none other but the baby alone. It’s just a good product that your baby will be pleased to use.

5. Partially Flat Mattress

This has no recline and the mattress is not creased but smooth. Of course, this means it’s safe for your baby to use. And looking at it, it looks superb (hygienic).

Product Benefits
  • The mattress is stitched to the product.
  • The four wheels have lock system.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • The product can be used as a diaper changer and a bassinet.
  • Stain spots are removed with just by wiping.
  • Very easy to wheel around.
The Negative Things
  • The storage space detaches easily.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this product be rocked?

Answer: No, it doesn’t rock. It can only be wheeled.

2. Can the Velcro that supports the storage space to the upper part be changed?

Answer: It’s advisable you contact the manufacturer before changing anything.

3. Have been trying to reach/contact the manufacturer when can I contact them?

Answer: You can contact them via their website.

4. Where can I find the battery’s compartment in the instruction booklet?

Answer: Turn to page 32, you’ll find the pictorial depiction and instruction.

5. Is it shipped internationally?

Answer: No, it’s only shipped within the US.

Final Verdict

For everyone that needs a bassinet and a diaper changer, the same can save some cash by opting for this product that is explicitly summarized/enumerated by the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet Review.

The product is very easy to convert from one form to another. In fact, the product is affordable and highly reliable for baby use. It’s highly recommended.