Fisher Price Stow Go Bassinet

Without an easy-access over-the-bed bassinet for your newborn baby, you may find yourself on the horns of dilemma. If you snug down with your infant, overlaying may cause strangulation and death.

Moreover, you can’t nod off at a stretch. Sleep deprivation causes postpartum depression and anxiety.  Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet Review throws you into nursing with a safe pair of hands.

The bassinet keeps your baby in close range. The cozy, flat sleeping surface fit for a king comes propped up with a sturdy frame.

Nestle your baby down in the Stow ‘n Go with see-through mesh sides for quick accessibility, comfort and safety. Stow ‘N Go will keep you and your baby as thick as thieves without the risk of SIDS.            

Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet Review: 5 Main Features

1. Super-Sturdy Framework

Fisher-Price Stow

Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet comes shored up by a sturdy, lightweight framework for firm and steady support. An upstanding enclosure encases the sleeping platform and integrates walls to prevent your infant from rolling off.

A button on the frame tube lets you tuck a leg and the pipe together by merely snapping it into place.

Each leg dovetails into the tube one-way and the notch in the tube helps you align the crease in the leg.

The pad with the sheet ensconced in the frame and machine-washable mattress cover soothes the occupant in the lap of luxury. Fisher-Price Stow’s cover has a lining softer than your baby’s backside, stays flat and wrinkle-proof to maintain a shipshape appearance.

2. Mesh work Breathable Walls

Stow ‘n Go breaks with the crib tradition of enmeshing your newborn in a hermetic enclosure in favor of breathable meshing. Breathable mesh holds suffocation risks at bay by promoting free circulation of air and a freshened ambiance.

Also, due to the transparent sides and ends of the device, you can keep a weather eye on your little one and note anything from a considerable distance. Furthermore, transparent walls don’t set a baby’s teeth on edge. They glimpse through and observe the surroundings after waking.

Clarity diminishes stress and your tot will not fly into rage. Transparency comes as a great weight off your mind ending the nail-biting wakeful bursts.

3. High-Tech Soother

Stow ‘n Go Bassinet cozy sleeping surface paired with a battery-powered soother helps rock your newborn to sleep. Vibration capability comes as a cherry on the cake to lull and soothe your child to dreamland in plush comfort.

Gentle swaying with soothing vibrations infuses extra serenity into the bedtime routine giving little ones a sense of security. Stimulated baby senses improve cognitive and brain development while enough sleep leaves your child in rude health.

The soother imparts a vibrating resonance along the length of the pad for superior comfort that quietly lulls neonates to sleep like a log. Alkaline batteries keep it up and running at full tilt.

4. Quick Assembly, Portability & Storage

Stow ‘n Go low-profile assembly includes the bodywork frame, 4 legs, storage bag, sheet and pad. Its bits and pieces have a more compact, portable form.

You can take it apart or tack together in a trice while its space-saving footprint makes it unobtrusive. Scrunch down the lock, stock and barrel in the easy-carry storage bag to get it out of the way or tow.

Whether at home, travelling or picnicking, this portable flat device gives your newborn baby a retreat spot to sack out anywhere, anytime. It’s also lightweight tipping the scales at 11.48 pounds for straightforward relocation with your hands.

5. Easy Maintenance

Fisher-Price Stow Go Bassinet

Removable and machine-washable sheet and storage-bag poses minimal care demands for an ever spiffed-up baby bed.

Stow ‘n Go resilient mattress material retains full elasticity after washing allowing a secure snug in your baby’s bed.

The plush, breathable sheets preserve the soft pads in mint condition and slough off odor, urine or excrement.

Young ones create a mess and could be soaked to the skin if you neglect the bed. Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet lets you sluice down and machine-wash separately in cold water on a gentle cycle.

Tumble dry the items separately on low heat and remove right off the bat. Sleek down the frame, legs and pad with a mild cleaning solution and a moistened cloth.

Why Should You Use Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet?

Fisher-Price Go Bassinet

1. Stow-‘N-Go Design

Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go includes an easy-carry storage bag that bands together the whole shebang for transport or storage.

Removable and easy-to-piece legs permit quick set up while tacking together requires modicum skills. No nuts or screws just snap legs into the tubes.

2. Lulling Soother

The Stow ‘n Go Bassinet provides a soothing and luxurious mix of buttery-soft, cozy cushioning and lulling vibrations with sleep-inducing effects.

A vibration resonance makes your baby’s bedtime regimen consistent at home and away. It’s battery-powered and risk-free to nurse your little ones through infant hood.

3. Meshing Sides

Stow ‘N Go walls lined with meshing create a breathable and ultra-safe sleeping surface, unlike traditional crib bumpers.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breathable bassinets to prevent the risk of re-breathing or suffocation as your baby shoots up to start rolling over.

4. Sturdy Construction

The Stow ‘N Go boasts a sturdy frame and legs for steady support without wobbling or breakage. Machine-washable cover will ensure it maintains its shine.

Premium-grade construction braves all the elements and abuses unleashed by little hands and feet. The design creates a broad, stable base that will never tip over.

5. Safe Co-Sleeping

A bassinet offers a comfy sleeping surface for a newborn rather than sharing a bed with its parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics admonishes snuggling down with your baby due to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It’s the safest oasis for infant sleep at the hospital and home making nursing a breeze at night.

Product Benefits
  • Calming vibrations to sway your baby to deep slumber
  • Cozy, flat-sleeping surface for your toddler to nestle up comfortably
  • Mesh sides for breathability and suffocation-free bed
  • Easy assembly, storage and portability
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction
  • Convenient travel bag to sack up everything
  • Minimalist and compact footprint design for co-sleeping in smaller bedrooms
  • Machine-washable cover and storage bag
  • Straightforward care and maintenance
The Negative Things
  • Your child outgrows it quickly in a couple of months

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you detach the legs without breakage or extreme force?

Push the button on the frame’s upper tube and detach the leg.

2. Can you replace the sheet with other brands?

No, it comes with a non-standard size sheet.

3. Can it cause suffocation or SIDS?

It’s safe for newborns but don’t prolong usage once the infant can push up hands or knees or above 20 lbs.

4. Does it include a thick or firm mattress?

Yes, but not overly thick, about ½”.

5. Do the vibrations pose any risks such as shock or strangulation?

No, it’s fixed out of reach and simple.

Final Verdict

Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet Review fills the bill if you want to stay safe in the knowledge that the big enchilada will not suffocate or roll off accidentally. Following an arduous labor process, mothers pumped full of narcotics or exhausting cesarean section, you may fall asleep with your child.

The risk of suffocation means skating on thin ice and you won’t drift off to sleep. Co-sleeping provides an alternative to sharing your bed, which increases the risk of SIDS if you lie on your little one and cut off the airway.

Mesh walls eliminate suffocation and improve air circulation while soothing vibrations lull the occupant to sleep. Sturdy construction ensures the Stow ‘N Go will provide steady support until your baby acclimates to another sleeping surface.